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About Us

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Sunset Birds Travel Agency is a professional OTA (Online Travel Agency) providing travel, tours, holiday and Logistics management solutions. It was established to deliver top grade services to customers in the travels and tours marketing Nigeria. Our mission is to revolutionize travel by providing well-packaged products to suit the travel needs of every facet of the economy. With the wealth of experience we have gained since incorporated in 2007, we pride ourselves in delivering efficient cooperate travel planning and execution with quality customer service as our top priority.



Satisfy the customer needs beyond their expectations and become a global leader.


In order to be competitive in our retail space, we have innovatively launched our online platform, Lidotravelsandtours.com. This is an online “Do It Yourself (D.I.Y)” platform that allows our customers book and issue their travels without little or no human interference. Our customers can find travel solutions from Flight reservation, Hotel accommodation, Airport protocol services, Car hire service, Travel Insurance, Tour and destination packages, Visa assistance and so on. It is a 24hours service with discounted and updated fares. Our customers are the orbit of our world so we have a team of customer service representatives that ensure a smooth experience for our online customers.


To provide excellent services in Travel & Tourism Industries which includes instant airline ticketing, professional visa assistance, good accommodation options, realistic overseas employment in a customized way to cater for our customers' demands.


Over the years, we have been able to partner with various service providers in the industry such as airlines, Hotels, indigenous concierge service providers, etc. to give competitive fares and deals and also maximize our service coverages at very minimal cost or price. We have also partnered with other companies and parastatals that add value to our customers.


Our founding Visionary Officer is a professional who has besides other roles, spent years as an operation strategist for several Nigerians travel agencies. This as a frontier puts a professional and bespoke touch to our organization.  
We have clusters of dedicated team for each unit of our operations spanning through Flight Ticketing and Reservations, Tours Operations, Protocol and Logistics Services, Accounts and Administrations. Each of our service unit has heads of departments that have been in the aviation and logistics industry for years.
We also have a Finance Manager with decades of managerial working experiences from various industries including Aviation and Banking who oversee the Finance and Operations departments of the organization ensuring best practice at all times.


We are committed to provide a Travel and Logistics Solution that will be second to none. We are also favorably disposed to offering you our implant service where one of our highly experienced staffs will be posted to your office and attend to all your travel / logistics needs.

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